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For restraining bowed walls

BowTie is a wall tie system for connecting masonry walls to internal timber joists.

Standard helical BowTies may be used when installing into joist ends. Installation involves driving one end of a self-tapping, stainless steel, helical tie through the wall and into the end on joist to a minimum depth of 75mm. Depending on the circumstances, the tie may be either dry fixed into the wall or bonded into it with resin.

  • One-piece stainless steel tie
  • Great axial strength
  • Effective in both soft and hardwoods
  • Can be installed into parallel joists and joist ends
  • Effective and economical solution
  • Rapid, easy installation
  • Non-disruptive external installation and no splitting of timbers
  • Minimal inconvenience to occupants
  • Security of fixing in joists easily proof tested

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