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Rusted Wall Ties at the Boot Camp

The DryFix remedial wall tie system has been used to repair buildings at the former artillery school in Manly, New South Wales.

Situated atop North Head, this site plays host to a number of buildings which look out over a large parade ground and harbour views.

Although military personnel are no longer housed here, boot camps of a kind are still the order of the day with the barracks and parade ground providing the backdrop in recent times to a popular reality television exercise / lifestyle show.

Like other buildings in the area, age and exposure to salt air has taken its toll. A storm that passed through the area generated wind gusts sufficient in force to bring down the gable end of one of the buildings where wall tie corrosion had compromised structural integrity.

Over the course of the last few years, buildings at the site with the same identified problem have been retied using the DryFix system. The system in all cases was chosen for its effectiveness, simplicity and ability to keep installation damage to an absolute minimum. Installation required the drilling of only 5mm diameter pilot holes.

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