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Remedial wall tie with dry / resin fix

RetroTie is a stainless steel remedial wall tie which offers an inner leaf mechanical fixing and a resin bond in the outer leaf. It is effective in all common building materials.

RetroTies are ideally suited for use in situations not otherwise suited to the DryFix Remedial Wall Tie System or where a full mechanical pinning solution cannot be readily achieved.

Installation involves driving a self-tapping, helical RetroTie into the far leaf of the wall to be tied or pinned, and resin bonding the remaining end of the tie into the near leaf with EpoxyPlus TE resin.

  • Remedial wall tie for situations where a dry/epoxy resin combination fixing is required
  • Seismic retrofit of masonry walls
  • One-piece, austenitic stainless steel tie
  • Mechanical fixing, without expansion, in the far leaf
  • Hi-Fin helical profile for optimal mechanical connection in the far leaf and optimal resin bond in the near leaf
  • Far leaf security of fixing easily proof tested
  • Multiple drip points prevent cross-cavity water transfer

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