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The Helibeam System

At the heart of Helifix remedial strategies is the unique Helibeam System of structural reinforcement and repair

The Helibeam System uses pairs of long HeliBars bonded into mortar to form deep masonry beams that reinforce and stabilise existing masonry while redistributing the structural loads.

It provides a rapid, cost-effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities. In combination with other Helifix ties and fixings it provides a comprehensive, reliable and economic system of repair and stabilisation for many commonly occuring structural faults.


Example applications

Subsidence Superstructure Repairs

For most situations the Helibeam System is able to secure the building by creating masonry beams that reinforce the existing masonry and redistribute the loads away from the problem area. Combined with tying, pinning and crack stitching, the Helibeam System will restore full structural integrity. Subsidence: Substructure repairs In some cases, use of the Helibeam System in conjunction with concrete pads under the building corners, or at selected points, minimises the need for expensive and extremely disruptive mass underpinning.

Repairing Masonry Arches


The versatile Helibeam System can be used to reinstate the structural integrity of all forms of arches from doorways and lintels to tunnels and bridges. With smaller arches, stability is provided by installing CemTies or DryFix Ties up and through the arch masonry. There are numerous problems relating to masonry arch bridge repair. Helifix has a comprehensive range of solutions for a variety of different situations and problems.

Adding Strength & Ductility


Improving the ability of buildings and building elements to deform without collapsing is an important part of seismic strengthening programmes.

HeliBar bonded with HeliBond grout into slots cut into masonry can help improve ductility by holding the masonry together and distributing stresses over larger areas. HeliBar installation is fast and uncomplicated, and requires minimal disruption and architectural alteration. HeliBars are manufactured from stainless steel for high corrosion resistance, and may be bent and manipulated on site to provide additional anchorage where required and to follow contours and corners. The Hi-fin helical profile ensures excellent mechanical bonding with HeliBond cementitious grout over short distances.

Securing Parapet Walls


There are multiple parapet wall constructions, on building roofs and bridges, with both cavity and solid walls being common.

If they are cracked or unstable they can be repaired, strengthened and reconnected using a combination of Helifix remedial products. Generally, masonry beams are created using the existing substrate, even on curved parapets, together with lateral masonry tying. In addition, grouted CemTies are normally installed vertically down through the coping stones into both masonry leaves and at an angle though the wall to secure it to the roof or bridge deck.

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