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Historic Lymm Bridge Stabilised

Client: Warrington M.B.C
Location: Lymm, Cheshire
Approved Installer: Quadriga
Reference No: CS076


Opened in 1761, the Bridgewater Canal is considered to be England's first 'true' canal and connects to Runcorn, Manchester and Leigh. The bridge at Lymm had weakened over the years, and in addition to structural stabilisation works, needed vegetation removed, decayed bricks, and stonework cut out and replaced with matching material, cleaning and repointing.

The Helifix Solution

To secure the bridge arch HeliBars were bonded into channelled-out mortar joints and extended to the spandrel wall where they were tied in to other HeliBars installed every six courses. Grouted CemTies were installed perpendicular to the barrel arch face to reconnect separating brick rings and restore structural integrity. Additional bonded HeliBars were used to stitch cracks in the brickwork.

Once the restoration works were completed, which included resurfacing the road and footpaths, the historic Lymm bridge was fully stabilised and strengthened with no visible signs of the concealed non-disruptive repairs.