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Parish church sympathetically stabilised

Client: Strathaven East Parish Church
Location: South Lanarkshire
Reference No: CS006


Originally built in 1777, and largely reconstructed in 1877, the church comprises rubble filled walls with a coursed stone external face.

  • Earlier settlement had resulted in vertical cracking of the masonry up through the window lines.
  • Lack of lateral restraint in the north gable had caused bowing and loosened stonework and dislodged stone kneelers and gable coping stones.

Helifix Solution

Following discussions with the project architects and engineers, Helifix systems were specified due to their unobtrusive nature and speed of installation. Our Approved Installer bonded HeliBars into channelled-out mortar beds above the upper windows to secure the gable and below the windows to stitch cracks.

The gable was stabilised by tying it back to internal rafters and collar beams using BowTies which were then bonded into the masonry. The roof was strengthened with additional noggins and bracing to ensure it could provide sufficient restraint. Loose stone kneelers and coping stones were secured with concealed CemTies grouted into clearance holes. After re-pointing there was minimal evidence of the rapid, cost-effective, sympathetic structural repairs.