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Structural Repairs to Grade II Listed Rubble Filled Stone Walls of 1740 Public House

Location: Northamptonshire
Approved Installer: JB Specialist Refurbishments Ltd
Reference No: PR247

Built around 1740 with rubble filled stone walls, the Grade II listed England's Rose public house in the village of Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire, was suffering from a range of structural faults. Formerly The Red Lion, it had been closed for several years and was in a serious state of disrepair before being purchased by developers Verde Construction who undertook a major refurbishment that included a combination of Helifix systems that restored full structural integrity to the property.

Due to a lack of lateral restraint and a failure of the connections between the timber joists and external stone walls, the 600mm thick rubble filled walls were leaning and bulging by up to 200mm and there was internal and external masonry cracking at the building's corners. To overcome these problems and fully stabilise the structure, the project engineers, JPP Consulting, specified Helifix masonry repair and reinforcement products as these would provide proven non-disruptive solutions, while still allowing normal building movement, and would not affect the aesthetic appearance of this historic property.

The repairs were undertaken by Helifix Approved Installer, JB Specialist Refurbishments Ltd, who consolidated all external elevations by installing grouted CemTies in a grid pattern that connected the inner and outer stone skins to stabilise the bulging walls and enhance their load bearing capacity. Further restraint was provided by BowTie HDs being installed through the walls and into new internal joists before being bonded into the stonework. Cracks on the right hand gable were stitched using HeliBars that were bonded into the mortar joints and wrapped around the building corners while on the newer left hand gable bricks were re-pinned with DryFix remedial ties.

This combination of special purpose Helifix products sympathetically restored full structural integrity to the listed England's Rose and, after repointing with lime mortar, its original materials and aesthetic appearance were unaffected.