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Structural repairs on earthquake damaged church

Client: Diocese of Canterbury
Location: Folkestone, Kent
Reference No: CS033

St Peter's, a 130 years old stone church with elaborate oak panelling, was suffering from severe structural damage, including fallen masonry, following an earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale. Various areas of the building required sympathetic stabilisation while ensuring no damage to the internal oak panels or the stained glass windows.

Helifix Solution

  • Helifix engineers devised a sympathetic repair programme, approved by the architect appointed by the Diocese, using the concealed Helibeam System to secure the structure.
  • To stabilise and reinforce the stonework mortar beds at various levels. These tied the stonework, stitched cracks and formed masonry beams to distribute the structural loads. Individual grouted CemTies were also installed into clearance holes drilled through the stone and granite infill to secure the 900mm thick walls.
  • Once the tying and masonry reinforcement was completed, mortar beds were re-pointed using lime mortar to provide a fully concealed sympathetic structural repair.


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